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This Month in Real Estate

Click to play the video below and see what the National Home Sales are doing in the U.S. You will also see the median home price and current mortgage rates. Enjoy!

Broward County Homes

This chart shows all Single Family Home Sales in Broward County for the past 15 months. Biggest change is typically in the number of Active Homes for Sale.

Looking at the number of homes that Sell is more stable of a number. Curious what your house is currently worth? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

Broward County Condos/Townhomes/Villas

The condo/townhomes/villa chart is similiar to the single family homes chart above, yet there is much more inventory of condo’s than homes for sale, similar number of units have sold though. Check the chart below to see all Condos for Sale, Sold and Pending the past 15 months. Curious what your Condo/Townhome/Villa is worth? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

Check out how Lauderdale by the Sea Market Update is Doing for Single Family Homes & Condos: Check out HOMES FOR SALE IN LAUDERDALE BY THE SEA


Alex Kublickis, Realtor

Alex Kublickis, Realtor


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